The Self-Learning Revolution Series

The Self-Learning Revolution series by Dr. Jeannette J. Vos provides how-to help for youth, parents and leaders of all ages. Learning tools train and build the full scope of brain and mind—to help express natural talents to their full potential. With these tools, readers can learn how to awaken, deepen, unleash and thrive, using their self-learning abilities. They can power up their futures and encourage others in self-learning together.

Based on relevant results from interpersonal neurobiology and technology, we understand the mind to be integrated with our holistic selves—our thoughts, beliefs, values, capabilities, and dimensions (mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual). All these aspects of the brain, body and spirit work together to power the mind. Holistic integration is the basis of self-learning.

As a corollary, we need a healthy and balanced lifestyle to use the best of our brain and mind. We have the ability to learn self-care and how best to care for others and the planet. We first need to learn about ourselves—who we are and who we are becoming; how to think critically and creatively; how to assess our strengths and talents; and the ways to achieve wellness.

Through our personal journey of self-learning, we become conscious of the difference we can make in the world through imagination, innovation and connections. With our capability for combining machine learning with intelligence, exploration, entrepreneurship and relationship, an amazing new world emerges.

Welcome to the Self-Learning Revolution!

1. Self-Learning Ability: Finding Your Way

2. Self-Learning Success: Revolutionary Methods to Make Learning Easy and Turn Goals into Results

3. Self-Learning Power: Revolutionary Methods to Accelerate Your Learning Ability (with Dr. John Mendola, Dr. Valeria Payton, Robin Cox, and Lin Jiayu)

4. Self-Learning Mastery: Revolutionary Methods to Master Your Mind (with Dr. John Mendola)

5. Self-Learning Moments: Revolutionary Methods to Unleash a Young Child’s Potential (for parents and teachers)

6. Coach for Self-Learning: Handbook for Parents and Teachers (with Robin Cox)

7. Self-Learning Wellness: Revolutionary Ways to Have the Health You Want at Any Age (with Sally McFarlane)

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In Self-Learning Ability, Education expert Dr. Jeannette Vos introduces the concept of an innate ability that gives you the power to succeed in following your passions and meeting your life goals. Dr. Vos explains her own difficult childhood and youth, but she did not allow misfortune to hold her back. Once she discovered self-learning, a door opened for her to succeed in her chosen field. She went on to follow her passion—utilizing the results of science (such as brain and mind research) to write books for the benefit of others and to teach self-learning courses around the world.
How do you know that self-learning can work for you? Three ordinary people introduce themselves with a personal short story and an example of how they succeeded in life using a self-learning tool. If they can do it, you can, too! Imagine what you can do when you have the tools and the know-how.
This book includes a brilliant synthesis of the results of interpersonal neuro-biological research based on Dr. Vos’ presentation to the
2021 International Teacher Leadership Summit in Pakistan. A video from this presentation is available for interested readers.
Welcome to The Self-Learning Revolution!

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Self-Learning Success by Dr. Jeannette Vos provides a compelling introduction to the Self-Learning Revolution series. Youth, as they contemplate the future, whether in school or later on, gain an advantage with this book. Schools, parents and teachers benefit personally from self-learning concepts and can share these concepts to increase students’ academic standards. Workplace leaders also benefit, particularly as a way to boost their employees in participation and achievement. This hands-on introductory book to self-learning helps anyone with the need to educate themselves for work, personal goals and lifelong learning. This book appeals broadly.
Many find learning difficult, whether in the workplace or at school. The holographic self-learning cycle gives readers a powerful advantage when applied to real life. No matter your background, gender or age, accelerate your self-learning ability with this book.
In the first three chapters, zero in on how to create your own future. First, become aware of daily habits that can bring the sense of competency you need to meet the demands of the global world. Also, understand that you are much more than your mental self—incorporate your physical, emotional, social and spiritual parts in a holistic way to succeed in your studies and work and, in fact, in all of life. This book has a holistic emphasis for the self-learning journey.
Once you become aware of the competencies that can create a sustainable future in the 21st century, use them, along with the six practical self-learning success secrets. With this book, discover your life’s self-learning journey and succeed.
As a bonus, this book includes the personal stories of five ordinary people who show how they honed in on their life’s journey. Discover the self-learning tools that they used, along with their competencies and how they used the secrets of self-learning success. This book includes practical self-learning tools that you can use together with others.
Dr. Jeannette Vos has experience as a classroom teacher for all age levels, as a teacher–trainer in both education and business, as a coach, parent advisor, researcher, resource specialist and curriculum advisor. She is, herself, a parent. Dr. Vos also has a background in health and music, two important subjects that she integrates into her presentations and workshops.

Welcome to the Self-Learning Revolution!

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Many people find it difficult to study. Self-Learning Power by Dr. Jeannette Vos is a hands-on book that supports youth at school or entering the job market and people of any age who are educating themselves as self-learners. Schools also benefit, as the concepts presented can raise their academic standards.
Tools for accelerated self-learning ability give learners the advantage they need. Learning tools enable anyone, no matter their background, gender or age, to accelerate their self-learning ability. This book re-creates in adults the power of self-learning—that innate ability of young children (often squelched, as we age, by stress).
Tools for creative thinking, study, memory, time management and deeper learning— integrated with any subject matter—give students confidence, resilience and a positive attitude. These are the things they need to create their own future through excellent study skills. Parents and teachers can boost students’ experience with their support and participation.
Dr. Jeannette Vos has experience as a classroom teacher for all age levels, as a coach, parent advisor, researcher, reading specialist, language arts and social science resource teacher, curriculum design and teacher–trainer for all grade levels. She has demonstrated her skills in workshops around the world.

 Dr. Jeannette Vos has done it again! This book is incredible! She brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to this book! You will learn little-known facts that will help you to greatly increase your ability to learn, leading to a high-performance life!
—Dr. Jenny Edwards, author and professor of education, Fielding University, USA


 This best seller powerfully impacts the human experience needed to welcome a new era of thinking people. Choice, intention, focus and engagement: this incredible book entices me to pursue all these. This book enables excellence in conquering my own destiny, with a roadmap for a safe, purpose-filled journey of self discovery!
—Dr. Arthie Moore-Robberts, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, leadership coach, South Africa.
Welcome to the Self-Learning Revolution!

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Welcome to the Self-Learning Revolution! Self-learning begins with you.
Dr. Jeannette J. Vos, coauthor of the international best-seller, The Learning Revolution, dives into the innate mind for eight golden treasures. With these, you can direct your own learning in today’s fast-paced world for mind mastery.
You may already use some of the treasures for self-learning, because you were born this way, but many of us feel that, whether in school or in business, we don’t have permission to use our own special abilities on a daily basis. We need to relearn how!
What is self-learning?
The term self-learning, as coined by the author, refers to learning that is more than self-directed learning—it is personalized and innate, based on our holistic nature of blended capacities in mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions. Each dimension is supported by a state of becoming (or a mindset) for self-learning: thinking, doing, feeling, relating and seeking. The interweaving of these dimensions brings about a natural way for us learn—that is self-learning.
Why become a self-learner?
To be a self-learner is vital, now more than ever before, because the pace of the world increases, year by year. The rate of change is based on how humans see animals, the environment and each other—as something to exploit or relate to. Schools and businesses around the world are not keeping pace with change. People now have to become self-learners and, for many, this means becoming an entrepreneur. The need to create a better world is imminent. We need new ideas and solutions to create a future without repeating pandemics, climate emergencies and other disasters. How can we do this? We can become self-learners and entrepreneurs together!
Self-Learning Mastery covers six chapters, plus a short introduction. Read about five powerful states of mind necessary for integrating self-learning in your life. Find learning tools that you need to manifest eight self-learning treasures. Then, read five stories from ordinary people who demonstrate some self-learning treasures for mastery in their life. Top it off with a chapter on how to master self-learning through entrepreneurship by contributing author, Dr. John Mendola, founder of University Curriculum of Independent Learning.

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Coach for Self-Learning: Handbook for Parents and Teachers

Coach for Self-Learning handbook, coauthored by Dr. Jeannette Vos and Robin Cox, provides leaders, mentors and parents with how-to methods to become a coach. Read it alongside The Self-Learning Revolution series of books that provide help to achieve full potential. This user-friendly handbook is a reference guide with a strong emphasis on coaching youth, but the ideas are not limited to youth.
Innately, we are all self-learners. Once we learn something, we feel that we want to teach someone else, as sharing our learning is natural. The challenge is to teach others so that they want what we have to offer. That is what
Coach for Self-Learning is all about.
The Role of the Coach
Teaching is not always the best approach, as it implies “talk and chalk.” Coaching, on the other hand, is related to “walk the talk” and “show and tell.” Through coaching, we become available, nurturing and helping others to create well-being in their lives and the means to adjust their own inner and outer environments. Youth benefit from the encouragement and support of non-judgmental adult coaches as they embark on their journey of self-learning, self-discovery and transformational leadership.
To undertake the role of a coach, we need to understand who we are coaching, their interests, their personal issues, the obstacles they face, their strengths and hobbies. We need information relevant to their consciousness journey.
Coaches who have a deeper understanding of the world of youth find it easier to respond to daily challenges in a constructive and empathetic way. The goal is to enhance self-learning in a self-empowering way. This book provides essential help for coaches.
The handbook includes key issues in global research; relevant research results on adolescent brain development; understanding youth self-image and self-esteem; youth individuality and how to identify strengths; effective communication skills; strategies and ideas; maintaining a positive mindset; conflict resolution; how to develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle; planning, goal setting and time management; use of technology and social media; user-friendly roles and tasks for coaches; activities for youth; coaching transformational leadership to serve others; and discussion topics for coaches and youth.

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